Apple AirPods pro

Apple AirPods pro

Apple’s AirPods are the most headphones in the world. AirPods weren’t the first wireless earbuds but they are small and easily useful for us and enough to take anywhere carring case and the second generation of AirPods added many futures like wireless charging and few other minor enhancements.

The Good Stuff :-

Best sound quality than the other AirPods and it has an lightweight,noise isolating,ultra compact and sweat proof design that fits more ear securely and also better sound quality than other AirPods.Noise cancellation is surprisingly effective and deep software integration with ios.

The Bad Stuff :-

Most expensive AirPods like other headphones.The sound quality is good but some competitions sund better.No improvements to better  life in AirPod’s pro.

If we are very easily say that Apple’s new AirPods pro are very good :

They are the first apple headphones which are outside active noise cancellation,which electronically counteracts exterior noise like jet engine noise.There are the first apple’s wireless model to feature a noise isolating design with silicone ear tips that push into your ear canal.The first two models of AirPods were hard plastic earbuds that sat in your ears, it’s like Apple’s iconic iPod headphones.

Battery life for Noise Cancellation is rated at 4.5 hours and transparency modes. If you turn off both, you get the same five hours as regular AirPods. These numbers are respectable but no longer class-leading.The AirPods case contains enough juice for 24 hours of overall battery time.

everyone carrying an iPhone in their pocket. It’s hard to point you in any other direction than the AirPods Pro — if you’re comfortable spending so much on them.

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