Data will be free in BSNL’s WiFi internet service, know what is the way

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Even today, there are many mobile users who prefer plans with data more than calling. In view of this, telecom companies Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea are providing data from 1GB to 3GB daily with calling in more and more plans. But, taking this one step further, the state telecom company BSNL is going to provide wifi facility in villages and cities across the country. Through this service, people will get the option to use data at a lower price.

According to the information revealed, BSNL Wifi service will be given free up to a limit to the people. For this, the company will install WiFi hotspots in different areas. Currently it is being started from Varanasi. Let us give you information about this service in detail.

BSNL Wi-Fi will be available for 10 rupees

According to the report, BSNL Wi-Fi service will be completely free for 30 minutes or half an hour. After this, coupons given by BSNL will have to be purchased to use this service. The company will get three types of coupons for this service. These coupons will be for rural areas. Their price will be 25 rupees, 45 rupees, and 150 rupees. At the same time there will be separate plans for the urban area, which will start from Rs 10 and will go up to Rs 1999. Also read: Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL again gave gifts to users, they will be able to talk without recharging


If you talk, in the BSNL Rural WiFi plan of Rs 25, users will get 2GB data with a validity of 7 days. At the same time, 28 GB data will be available for 28 days in the plan of 150 rupees. At present, the details of the Rs 45 plan have not been revealed.

This is how users will be able to connect to BSNL WiFi network

  •  First you have to go to the wifi settings.
  •  Search will have to connect to BSNL WiFi.
  •  After this, tap on ‘Connect’.
  •  10-digit mobile number to be entered after connecting After tapping on the Get Pin option, users will get a 6-digit PIN via an SMS.
  •  After adding that PIN, users will connect to BSNL WiFi.

The company Varanasi is the first of the areas where BSNL WiFi facility is being introduced. If BSNL Wi-Fi is not connected in the manner mentioned above, users will have to contact the company’s customercare. At the same time, alternatively, by entering any URL in the device’s browser, the ‘Welcome page’ will be accessed manually. By entering the details by visiting this page, the phone can also be connected to Wi-Fi. Also read: BSNL introduced Bonanza offer, 4 months free service

Keep in mind that you must have a smartphone and a working BSNL SIM to use WiFi. BSNL WiFi will be given free up to a limit. At the same time, purchase coupons mentioned above to continue using high-speed Wi-Fi.

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