Microsoft’s Family Safety App Now Available with limited preview on Android and IOS:helps parents with internet safety

Microsoft family sefty app

Microsoft Family Safety parent control app has been started rolling out in limited preview for Android and iOS devices. The app is basically designed for parents to manage their kid’s screen time and app usage. Microsoft first has announced the development of the app is back in March. The app essentially allows users to see their family’s digital safety and track screen time across Android, Windows PCs, and ios. There are also features such as location sharing and notifications that can be useful to track to the location of the family member and receive alerts when they are reach school or work.

Microsoft family app

Microsoft is in a blog post also indicated that the Microsoft Family Safety app is not only useful during coronavirus lockdown and in your home where users and their children are spending more time online – but that it will be further helpful for once people go back to their normal lives.

One of the key features of Family Safety app is the “Activity reporting” and that allows users, for specially parents to the view and track screen time spent on Android, Windows,ios and Xbox apps by their children. Top websites visited and search terms of used will also be shared. Users will also bereceive a summary via email each week “to help facilitate a dialogue on healthy digital choices.” Additionally, the app also allows users to set screen time across Android devices, ios devices and Xbox.

“Now when you say only half hour of a certains game, that really means half hour of that game—whether that’s being played on a Windows PC, Xbox, or Android phone. And if they run out of the screen time, they can ask for more. You have the choice to add more time or not based on what is right for your family,” Microsoft said in microsoft blog post.

One another key feature of the Family Safety app is the location sharing feature where users can be track the where about of their family member. From the photos published on the blog post, it appears the app has been an inbuilt map that provides the location information. Microsoft also indicated that during the time of coronavirus pandemic, this feature will have limited usage, however, it can be a great safety feature once people will start going outside. Users will be able to save places like home, work, and school, to quickly identify – where the child is?.

Microsoft announced the Family Safety app is in March as a part of two different 365 experiences planned for rollout in coming months.

Furthermore, Family Safety app user can also be enable SafeSearch in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Xbox One, thereby adding search filters to block mature content and “set browsing to kid-friendly websites”. Users will also get a notification when their children want to download a “more major app or game” with age limits from Microsoft or Xbox stores.

Currently, this app is available in preview form to limited Android and iOS users, with those who had already expressed in interest in the app being reached out to by Microsoft. Users can also sign up for testing the app by filling the form. It is expected that the Family Safety app will widely available to the download via Apple app stores and Android play stores once the preview phase is over. As mentioned, the app was announced to be development back in March.

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