PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: How to setup and use drones in games

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Recently, PUBG Mobile is releasing frequent updates to protect players from getting bored during COVID-19 lockdown. The company is also making sure that no one leaves this game. The company recently introduced the Artic Mode or Cold Front Survival Mode in the game, which brings a different kind of gameplay. The new gameplay mode is a part of the game’s EvoGrounds mode and is installed in the ice map, Wikendi.

Arctic Mode basically requires players to survive to maintain body temperature in hostile weather conditions. In the icy locations of Vikendi, players will periodically encounter arctic storms that will present an extra layer of difficulty in the game mode. In addition to surviving in the cold, players will need to counter their enemies and use the best tactics from the battlefield to emerge as the ultimate player.

To make the new game mode in PlayerUnogn’s Battleground Mobile a little easier, the company has also introduced remote-controlled drones. These drones can help players in scouting an area before intervening. Also, it will help them to find out the exact location of the enemy and formulate the strategy accordingly. With the methods given below, you can use these drones etc. very easily, as well as you can do it very effectively. So let’s get started and know about these method : 

Find a good place to launch

Drones are a great tool for scouting the area around you. However, when you scout, your character will remain stationary in the same place. To avoid taking shots, you need to find the right place to stand and launch the drone.

Use the time properly

In PUBG mobile, the drone has limited energy, which means that players can only use it for 5 minutes. Therefore, to make sure you have the most time, be quick and use the drone only if you suspect that there is someone in the area next to you.

Drones are always visible

While flying a drone in the air, you will have the advantage of finding enemies in your hideout. However, keep in mind that they can also spot drones and plan a quick strategy accordingly. Therefore, make sure that you are using the drone at a safe distance.

Mark location

Drones are not only useful in finding enemies but they can also help in marking locations. Using these drones, one can place nearby fire locations on the map and then send the drone to that location and mark it using the ‘universal mark’ option. At any point, you can run to the marked spot with your squad.

Use drones to escape

To survive in Arctic mode, players need to keep their body temperature sufficiently warm. This can be done by lighting a fire. Players can use drones to scout branches in the game, which can be used to light a fire. Additionally, players can also look for chickens and roast them when a blizzard arrives.

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